University Extension promotes activities in partnership with the community. Scientific and traditional knowledge are integrated in a transformation movement that propels citizenship. The Dean of Extension's mission is to promote these activities.

UnB develops 400 extension projects.  Professors, staff and students work in areas such as health, human rights and justice, environment, technology, agricultural sciences, education, communication and culture.

There is constant dialogue between the knowledge acquired in classrooms and laboratories and the knowledge of citizenship, solidified by practice. The extension projects are examples of social and regional integration promoted by the University.

UnB approved, through Resolution No. 0057/2018, the Internationalization Plan for the period 2018 to 2022. The Internationalization Plan establishes the institutionalization of a Supranational Extension Program, with emphasis on the South-South Cooperation.

The South-South Special Program was approved in September 2018. The aim is to promote the development of Intercultural Projects that contribute to the integration of experiences, and knowledge between Universities and the Society, in a perspective of interdisciplinary, critical and emancipatory formation.

The policy and development of Extension at the University of Brasilia can contribute to the internationalization process of the institution, due to its broad, integrating and intercultural character.

Extension actions developed at UnB, through projects and programs, events and training activities, present great potential for bringing together Universities, but also with other international organizations linked to governments and organized civil society.

One of the objectives, to create a program focused on the internationalization of culture, was achieved with the structuring of the project of International Artistic Residencies. The Latin America Culture House preserves the cultural heritage of UnB and promotes dialogue with neighboring countries.

In addition, UnB's entry into the Montevideo Group – an association formed by universities in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay – will expand its relationship with other countries.